British Sociological Association

Sociology of Religion Study Group

Religion and Knowledge

St Chad's College, Durham
30th March - 1st April 2009


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The theme this year will be 'Religion and Knowledge' and we look forward to some stimulating sessions on a variety of themes, some of perennial importance, others emerging from recent debates, taking place within our disciplines or in the wider public square. Possible themes include

  • The sociology of Religious Education
  • Clandestine knowledge and religious identity
  • The legitimation & de-legitimation of religious knowledge
  • Guardianship and control of religious knowledge
  • The legacy of the sociology of knowledge
  • Epistemological challenges facing the sociology of religion
  • Resurgent secularism and the 'New Atheism'

I have already received confirmation from Prof Steve Fuller of the University of Warwick that he will be giving a plenary lecture, drawing from his important recent work on the sociology of the intelligent design movement. We welcome back Prof Elizabeth Cooksey of Ohio State University, who will speak on her research on the Amish in the US. And Prof David Chalcraft of the University of Derby has also lent his strong support in putting together a panel session on sociological approaches to Biblical texts, and we would welcome further offers of panel topics in addition to individual papers. Of course, off-theme papers are also most welcome, and I am more than happy to discuss ideas for papers and/or panels by email ([email protected]). Abstracts should be sent to me by 12th January, 2009 (deadline for registration is 1st March 2009).

The 2009 conference will take place in the historic city of Durham, and based at St Chad's College, we will be ideally placed to appreciate the nearby sites of historical interest, including the cathedral and castle.

I look forward to seeing you in Durham, and if you have any queries about the conference, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Mathew Guest
Durham University email: [email protected]