British Sociological Association

Sociology of Religion Study Group

2006 Annual Conference

Religion and the Individual

University of Manchester
Hulme Hall
3-5 April 2006

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Issues related to the broad theme include:

  • the causes and consequences of individual religious involvement
  • the impact of religion on individual outcomes, e.g. in health, happiness, fertility, marital stability, prosperity, deviance, attitudes, etc.
  • whether contemporary spirituality amounts to individual religion-if there is such a thing
  • the impact of individualism on institutional religion
  • topics in the psychology of religion


Special guest speakers including:

  • Ralph W. Hood, Jr (University of Tennessee)
  • Kate Loewenthal (Royal Holloway)
  • Christian Smith (University of North Carolina))

    will address these and other topics.

Conference Organiser: David Voas (University of Manchester)

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