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SOCREL – the e-mail list of the BSA Sociology of Religion Study Group.

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Socrel is a discussion and news list devoted to Sociology of Religion and is primarily for academics working in the field in (or about) the UK. The list grew out of discussions in the sociology of religion group of the British Sociological Association.

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When posting a message to socrel you need to send it to [email protected]

***Please Note*** Only members of Socrel are able to freely post messages through this email list. If you are not a member of Socrel but have an important announcement to distribute, please forward your message to Carl Morris ([email protected]) for vetting and distribution. It is only possible to post messages using an email account that is registered as part of Socrel membership. If you encounter problems posting a message, then please contact Carl Morris ([email protected]).

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SOCREL-PG – the email list for Postgraduate Students

There is also a list for postgraduate students. If you are a postgraduate student, to join send the following one line message join socrel-pg YOURFIRSTNAME YOURLASTNAME to: [email protected]

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1. Not to send attachments (it won’t work …. please cut and paste the text into your message).

2. When replying to list messages… the default is to mail all members and some replies are better kept private (check the address in the TO line before you send).

3. When replying, please delete (or set your options to delete) the message you have just received. Otherwise the length of messages increases each time.

4. When replying, if you change the topic, please change the subject line