Gender Issues in the Academy – Roundtable Podcast

Listen to the Podcast HERE

At the annual Socrel Conference (2014) in Brighton, Mathew Guest and Sonya Sharma, authors of the report Gender and Career Progression in Theology and Religious Studies (Guest, Sharma and Song 2013), convened a roundtable discussion on ‘The Crisis of Gender Diversity in Theology and Religious Studies.’ The low proportion of women within the subject areas of Theology and Religious Studies (TRS) has long been observed, but has hitherto not been systematically charted within the UK context.

In this recording of the roundtable, the conveners discussed data from the report, which included data collected from the Higher Education Statistics Agency and from TRS departments directly as a means to piece together a gender profile of staff and students from across the UK. Gender statistics generated from a range of other disciplines for the purpose of the comparison were also presented. Following on from thus, explanations as to the emerging patterns generated from extended interviews with TRS academics, including women at various stages of the academic career were discussed. The roundtable then heard from Abby Day and Dawn Llewellyn, who were invited to give their responses to the report.

The order of speakers:
Mathew Guest, Theology and Religion, Durham University
Sonya Sharma, Sociology, Kingston University, London
Abby Day, Chair of Socrel, Sociology, Goldsmiths, University of London
Dawn Llewellyn, Theology and Religious Studies, University of Chester