How Often Should I Visit My Tutor

If you’re thinking of hiring a tutor, you’re probably wondering how often you should visit your tutor. Maybe you’re wondering how many times per week you should have sessions and how many hours they should last. You may also wonder if there’s an ideal location where your tutoring sessions should take place. Here’s an overview of these main points, with some recommendations that should help.

Frequency of Tutoring Sessions

Many people new to tutoring wonder if the meetings should be once or many times a week. It’s also common to wonder if the meetings should be close together or spaced out.

How much catching up is needed and the overall work required plays a role in how often you should visit your tutor. For instance, you may only need to meet once a week if you need to review the coursework or need some help with homework. However, if you’re preparing for exams, it may be necessary to see your tutor more often.

When you’re first starting to see your tutor, a minimum of one session per week is generally recommended. This frequency gives your tutor the opportunity to make a good assessment of your needs so they can do a proper follow-up.

When More Sessions are Recommended

If you’re significantly behind in your coursework and have a lot of catching up to do, you should discuss with your new tutor the possibility of having several sessions a week. Then once the urgency of the situation has been met, you and your tutor can decide if you need to continue with this frequency or possibly space the meetings out more.

Factors that can Influence the Frequency

If you’re starting a new school year, the tutoring sessions can be spaced out at a frequency you and your tutor are comfortable with. For example, seeing a tutor once a week at the start of a school year may be all that’s needed. But if you start seeing a tutor toward the end of the school year near exam time, you’d be better off visiting with your tutor more frequently.

Length of Sessions

The length of a tutoring session can be anywhere from an hour to several hours. A 1 to 1 1/2 hour session is great for weekdays, after school, and the early evening hours. The sessions can be longer on the weekend when you’re more receptive, better rested, and more able to concentrate.

Location of Sessions

A library is a good place for a tutoring session because the environment is conducive to favourable studying. However, just make sure the library you use has a separate study area that’s apart from other visitors so you don’t disturb them.

It’s up to you and your tutor where your sessions will be held. Maybe there’s a quiet coffee shop nearby that would suffice or perhaps there’s a location at your school that would be ideal.

As you can see, there are many factors to consider when deciding how often you should visit your tutor. Just be sure you communicate openly with your tutor to help ensure your sessions are successful!