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Privacy and Cookies Policy

The Sociology of Religion Study Group is committed to protecting and respecting your privacy. We take the privacy of all of our site users very seriously.

Please read the following policy carefully to understand what personal information we may collect from you, how we may use it, and your rights in respect of our use. By using this website, you accept the terms of this Privacy and Cookies Policy.

Information we may collect from you

We do not require that visitors reveal any personal information in order to access our main website. However, we do collect a small amount of information relating to your use of our website. The only reason we collect this information is to better manage the site and provide a more satisfactory service to site users – we never pass on any information to third parties, for any reason.

The information that we do collected is retrieved through use of cookie files. Cookies are stored on the hard drive of your computer, ensuring that the website works more efficiently for the user and allowing us to better monitor how the website is used.

You can usually turn off cookies in your website browser, but if you do so then you can expect the website to not work as you might expect. Please remember, cookies are now a standard component of most websites. The cookies that we use are detailed here:


Cookie Name Cookie ID Description
Cookie Control civicShowCookieIconcivicAllowCookies


When you click “I’m happy with this…” on the Cookie Control user interface, a cookie is set in order to remember your preference. These cookies are set only after the user has given consent to us to use cookies.
Session Management PHPSESSID  This cookie records your session. It essentially recognises that you are the same user throughout your time on our website.
These cookies are used to track how users interact with the website. This information is used to compile reports and help us improve the website. The data collected by these cookies is anonymous and reports to us on which pages a user has visited, your location and how long you have interacted with our website.
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