British Sociological Association

Sociology of Religion Study Group


The Study Group aims to publish books based on the annual April conferences.
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Religion and Youth

Edited by Sylvia Collins-Mayo and Pink Dandelion

July 2010



A Sociology of Spirituality 

Edited by Kieran Flanagan, and Peter C. Jupp

(published Autumn 2007 - reissued in paperback November 2009)

Contemporary Christianity and LGBT Sexualities

Edited by Stephen Hunt, University of the West of England

(published September 2009)

Exploring Religion and the Sacred in a Media Age,

Edited by Christopher Deacy,University of Kent, UK and Elisabeth Arweck, University of Warwick, UK

(published April 2009)

Religion and the Individual
Belief, Practice, Identity

Edited by Abby Day, University of Sussex
(published June 2008)

Women and Religion in the West
Challenging Secularization

Edited by Kristin Aune, University of Derby, UK, Sonya Sharma, University of British Columbia, Canada and Giselle Vincett, University of Edinburgh, UK

(published June 2008)

Materializing Religion Expression, Performance and Ritual
Elisabeth Arweck and William Keenan (published August 2006)

Reading Religion in Text and Context
Reflections of Faith and Practice in Religious Materials

Elisabeth Arweck and Peter Collins

Published June 2006 (from the April 2003 Conference)

Predicting Religion: Christian, Secular and Alternative Futures
Grace Davie, Linda Woodhead and Paul Heelas

Published by Ashgate November 2003
(from the April 2000 Prophecy and Prediction Conference)

Religion, Identity and Change:
British Perspectives on Global Transformations:

Simon Coleman and Peter Collins

published by Ashgate March 2004

from the April 1999 Durham conference

Virtue Ethics and Sociology: Issues of Modernity and Religion

Kieran Flanagan and Peter Jupp, Palgrave.

November 2000

(from the 1997 Bristol conference)

Postmodernity, Sociology and Religion
Kieran Flanagan, Peter C. Jupp
Hardback, November 1996.

Religion in Contemporary Europe

John Fulton and Peter Gee

Edwin Mellen Press

from the 1992 Twickenham conference

Religion and Politics

Peter Gee and John Fulton

from the 1989 Twickenham conference